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"Most companies find that PR is far from easy, but it can pay massive dividends when it works well."


There are a number of ways of grabbing attention and getting more success when communicating with the media. What messages you use is important, as well as how you go about approaching the media. It's beneficial to promote and use messages that your target audience wants to hear. For instance, if you're dealing with a specific trade magazine, like The Grocer, you really need to be presenting stories about UK grocery retailers. Clearly if you want to reach fashion audiences, you need to talk fashion. Some topics have greater newsworthiness, so if you can bring out any environmental credentials, or significant financial benefits, bring them to the fore. Most self-respecting business journalists will be looking for direct quotes, financial figures and hard numbers to give press releases more credibility and life. For IT companies, what normally works best is using well-known customers to do the endorsing for you, wherever possible, through case studies and interviews.


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