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"Most companies find that PR is far from easy, but it can pay massive dividends when it works well."


To get the most from your PR, agency, or internal communications, you need to be able to react to media opportunities swiftly and efficiently, before losing-out on them. Two-way communication is vital and exchanging information openly and regularly will lead to better results. Consider what publications you'd most like to appear in and try to get as many people as possible on-board with your PR efforts. PR results can take time and require perseverance and dedication. What with publishing lead-times and the time it takes to educate the media, it can be a few months before seeing articles in print. It's important to continue your communications over a reasonable period of time to make an impression. A drip-drip approach and repetition tends to make a more long-lasting impact. But don't overdo it. Phase and time your announcements wisely. One press release a month can be ample, but only if it's relevant to your audience.


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