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Clear About

Phil Worthington, PR director

Clear Communication was set up at the turn of the millennium by Phil Worthington. After rising to the top of agency PR and becoming increasingly disillusioned with the poor levels of service, he soon realised that many people wanted better results, and a more informal, freelance style relationship.

Clear Communication is a results driven, independent PR consultancy specialising primarily in technology for retail, fashion, telecoms, hospitality, manufacturing and transportation. Although PR agencies taking on this kind of work abound, very few are so specialised, with the knowledge, reputation and contacts to match.

What makes Clear Communication different?


Clear Communication was born out of its roots in retail and fashion supply chain PR. Rather than being first and foremost a tech PR company, most clients came to Clear Communication because of our understanding of the business and relevant media contacts. This has tended to mean more worthwhile coverage in highly sought-after publications (mainstream business media), rather than only getting snippets of news in the IT press - so getting seen mainly by potential customers, rather than competitors.

PR results, guaranteed

Unlike most agencies content with sitting back and handing down to inexperienced juniors for minimal returns, Clear Communication is fairly unique in being able to give a guaranteed return on investment and works extra hard to make sure results get better and better. It’s not uncommon for clients to get 2-3 times more coverage than they were getting before, at far less cost. Certain projects may even be turned down, or alternative approaches suggested, rather than doing a less than satisfactory job.

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